About Us

Hales Sand & Gravel, A CRH Company, has been serving customers in Central Utah for over 68 years. Marwood Hales and his wife Maurine saw a need for quality materials for homes and roads in the area. He started with a team of horses and a tongue scraper pulling gravel out of the Redmond, Utah gravel pit.

Over the years his three sons became very involved adding asphalt, concrete, trucking, and construction crews to two gravel pits. They grew from a modest family-owned company to a major employer in Sevier County dealing in projects ranging from several million dollars to small residential projects. Hales Sand & Gravel has completed projects for Federal Highways, State, County, and City agencies as well as many private businesses.

In December 2007, Hales Sand & Gravel joined Staker Parson Materials & Construction. After the acquisition, Hales Sand & Gravel’s operation again expanded to include the hot plant and gravel pit in Centerfield.

Many changes have taken place but we retained the name of Hales Sand & Gravel and continue working hard to maintain the reputation of still supplying the same quality products and service that always have for years.